Remeadow America is a movement to empower people with information and resources that support local ecological environmental systems to foster a healthy future habitat for all.

At Remeadow we are working with researchers at USGS Native Bee Lab, USDA, FWS, and UMD to bring the latest information on best practices for establishing native gardens and habitat for pollinators. We also partner with local, and national organizations, and native plant distributors to help you get started with the right information and supports for your area.

At this time (Summer @2021) we are also recruiting interested participants to upload and share photos and tips from their own experience in establishing meadows and pollinator gardens. Please visit us on Instagram @remeadow and on Facebook @Remeadow (page and group) Or simply share your social media post with your #yarden* (yard garden) and the hashtag #remeadow #remeadowamerica and #remeadow(yourstate) On November 11, 2021 winners and runners up will be announced for the following categories of photos:

~Best photo of a pollinator at work

~Most Improved yard (please post before and after)

~Most Inspirational Yarden (can include container pots, size of yard not a factor in winning)

Biggest Community Impact! Include your neighborhood in your # and see how many folks you can gather to join the movement to decrease grass mowing, herbicides, and the amount of land that does nothing to contribute to healthy ecosystems and biodiversity

Subcategories for Senior, Teen, Child, Family, and Urban Residents will also be considered so be sure to provide information or add subcategory to your post (ie. #RemeadowMDSr) or (#remeadowBaltimore)

This site serves as a connection for people and organizations interested in bringing back native habitats for pollinators and at-risk species.

Please email if you have a website you would like linked here or if you have information you would like to share. We are just getting started! Lots of ground to cover and connections to make. Thanks! Much more to come.

Please send an email to join our mailing list for updates.

If you are interested in incorporating native plants into your landscape, the Audubon Society has a handy link posted below which you can use to find best native plants in your area.  Simply copy and paste into your browser enter your zip code, please leave me a note if you visited here, and found this useful. Thanks!

Coming soon:

Links to databases of native plants for specific pollinators in your area.

Photos of Native Plants and their Specific Pollinators in your area,

Connections to resources for the most needed seeds to plant for specific pollinators

Community action, ways you can be involved to bring awareness and Remeadow your area