Our Mission

Remeadow is a movement of individuals who are in search of practical and proven means of conserving and repairing local natural resources and native habitat.

It has been said that life after the COVID19 Pandemic will not be the same, while that is something to grieve on one level, it also gives us an opportunity to reinvent, and reimagine our lifestyle to be more inline with values that promote healthy happy lifestyles. Remeadow is the movement to help facilitate this change.

In many ways current socio economic attitudes and trends are in direct opposition to the healthy functioning of biodiverse ecosystems. Remeadow strives to bring scientific studies to the forefront of social media to support scientifically informed decisions by the general public that will help to build a more sustainable future for all.

Step One 

Our first goal in addressing the general public is to help support the movement to reimagine lawn care in order to provide habitat for at risk and endangered pollinators and birds.

Current lawn care practices for example promote the use of fertilizers, pesticides, cultivars of plants that may become invasive to surrounding areas, large lawns made of grass that needs to be mowed  have short roots which increase runoff and decrease natural soil health, leaves and sticks that are bagged and removed take valuable nutrients and habitat  for native bees with them.

While having money or the extra time to mow, and landscape ones yard with exotic plants  has been the norm now for over a hundred years in America, perhaps this status symbol no longer suits the lifestyle of 21st century Americans. In the UK, where many of the pesticides and food additives we use here have long been banned, a movement to “Rewild” is underway and miniature areas of beautifully planted wild micro ecosystems  are popping up in the middle of cities.  Are we really about showing our neighbors how much grass we can afford to mow? My guess is that, at least for some of the upcoming generation there may something else we wish to express.

At a time when we have to acknowledge that we have driven such a huge proportion of our animals into extinction many people are searching for a means to build sustainable lifestyle for a better greener future. But where to begin?

USFWS lists over 2,500 threatened or endangered species in the US alone including over 890 plants. Few people are even aware of or care that these species are fighting to survive in the changing landscape of America as our population increases and natural resources are increasingly being exploited for minerals, financial gain, and urbanization. But some of the damage is simply happening because people do not know that there are many things they could be doing to help support native endangered species. Funding for endangered species science has been repeatedly cut back since the early 1980s in the US.

Animals and plants have no voices, it is not economically beneficial for anyone to stand up for them. Unless we can incorporate their future into our lifestyle we will, as a species, simply wipe out the majority of life on earth for our own short sighted “gain”. Now more than ever these resources are being wiped out at an exponentially high rate to serve the models of Big agriculture and mass consumption of prepackaged products by major corporations who hold a more than large stake in how our federal government money is spent.

Fortunately we also live at a time of massive communication resources and though 100% of funding for USGS media outreach services for Scientists in the biologics and endangered species area has been cut since the 1980s there is still a way for information to spread, and for scientists to be heard. ( See the how we started section to see why this is important) Our goal at remeadow is to begin to make available some very practical solutions backed by leading science. In other words, funds for endangered species science has been repeatedly cut since the 1980s. At that time there was a bank of people for a science center that worked on writing up the scientists studies and getting the word out to farmers and the general public about what we can each do as individuals, no matter where we live or how much land we are, or are not responsible for. The Remeadow movement is about easy lifestyle changes, backed by current scientific guidance, that, when instituted by a growing population, can have a tremendous positive impact on the future of biodiversity and sustainable habitat for all. I hope you will join us.

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More to come! Stay tuned and Plant Native to support Native Bees and biodiverse habitat for all.

Sowing seeds of sustainable habitat for all. #RemeadowAmerica #remeadowMD

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